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November 2015:

     This mission consisted of painting the interior of 3 classrooms. Some of the youth from the church, along with the teachers, pitched in to help each day. The walls haven’t been painted since 2005 and were in rough shape. We gathered information about the kids' sizes of clothes, shoes etc. We also made logistical assessments for future projects, including transportation and places to stay. Most importantly, built relationships with Pastor Aquiles, his family, the teachers, and students. 

     We took a day trip to the local market as well, with Claudia, Elisa and Melvin. Together we visited an old army fort overlooking the city. Ginger and I attended Church thursday evening. We stayed in a cabin at Potrillo, which is a working farm outside of the community. They have a few staff members to cook,clean and keep the farm going, as well as provide security for the ranch day and night.

February 2016:

    Ginger and I delivered uniforms for all the students, which included pants, skirts, tee shirts, shoes and socks. Some electrical work was done in each classroom and installed a few fans. 

February 2017:

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