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     Happy World School is a project of Brigade of Love Christian Church Located in San Marcos de Colón, Choluteca, Honduras. San Marcos de Colón is a small community about 4 hours South of Tegucigalpa and within a few miles of the Nicaraguan border, a very violent and poverty stricken area of the country. Part of the vision and mission of the Church, is to help the neediest children in the community due to extreme poverty. The pastor of the Church is Doctor Marco Torres Pereira Aquiles.
      The project was born in the heart of God and a vision was given to Pastor Aquiles in 1988. He launched a kindergarten and school in February of 2005 with 38 children.                       
     All the children were treated with Grade 2 malnutrition and have recovered. Extreme poverty prevented the children from eating throughout the day .In 2006 a kitchen was built to provide lunch for the children, provisions were provided by the Lord. 13 quarts of milk and basic grains each day are funded through the church. In the year 2012 had the first graduation of the first promotion to sixth grade. 
     Today they have 83 boys and girls between the ages of 4 to 12 years old. The church continues to struggle with the basic needs such as food and supplies. Crown of Christ Missions continues to work with Pastor Aquiles and the teachers to help with basic supplies and clothing for the kids. If it were not for Pastor Aquiles and donations, these kids would not receive education or daily meals. 
      Your contributions, sponsorships and prayers will definitely be a blessing to the children and an expansion of the Lords Kingdom. 


School and Church Information

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